Business English: Talking about Job Responbilities

In this lesson, you are going to learn key expressions to talk about what you do and your job responsibilities. 

To find out what someone’s job is you ask: 

  • What do you do? – This is the most common way to ask. 
  • What do you do for a living? = What is your job/profession? 
  • What do you work? 
  • What is your job?  

How to talk about your job: 

  • I’m an office assistant. | I’m a team leader. 
  • I work as an office assistant. | I work as a team leader. | I work as a software developer. 

Here are the key expressions you can use to say what you do: 

  • I deal with… 
  • I handle… 
  • I oversee… 
  • I’m in charge of + noun | I’m in charge of + VERB + -ing 
  • I’m responsible for + noun | I’m responsible for + VERB + -ing 
  • My job involves + noun | My job involves + VERB + -ing 
  • to deal with = to handle 
  • to oversee – to watch somebody / something and make sure that a job or an activity is done correctly (Synonym: supervise
  • to be in charge of – It is used when you are responsible for someone or something. 

You can also use the structure: 

  • responsibility + infinitive | responsibility + VERB + -ing 
    One of my responsibilities is to make sure… 
    One of my responsibilities is making sure… 


  • I work as an office assistantOne of my main responsibilities is to arrange meetings and organise events when necessary. I deal with clients, suppliers, and colleagues. I’m responsible for collecting and mailing correspondence, serving customers as well as maintaining supplies and equipment. 
  • I am a marketing assistantOne of my main responsibilities is to conduct marketing research and to gather important data (social media, web analytics, etc.). I’m in charge of online content on the company’s website and social media accounts. I’m responsible for preparing and delivering promotional presentations. 
  • I am a customer service representativeMy job involves managing large amounts of incoming calls. I’m responsible for identifying customers’ needs. I handle customer complaints, provide appropriate solutions and keep records of customer interactions. 


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